Nate Greczanik
Territory Manager - Sports Medicine

Rock Medical employee since 2016
Alma Mater:   Walsh University

“…..What excites me most about Arthrex and the future is the way Reinhold Schmieding (Arthrex President and Founder) and the company continually work with speed. Being privately held, Arthrex is constantly releasing new and innovative products that can make an impact for patients and be complete game changers for our surgeon customers. The brains behind the operation from top to bottom are unmatched and I am proud to be a part of this organization and excited to see what is next. . . Nate Greczanik

Humble, hardworking, and always positive, Nate’s whatever-it-takes attitude inspires us every day. The skills developed from his formal nursing education are always on display, highlighted by his empathy and a strong sense of “team”.

We are privileged to have a compassionate caregiver like Nate on our Rock Medical team as we work toward our ultimate mission of helping surgeons treat their patients better.

Nate’s interests include golfing, playing the guitar, staying active in his church, cheering on Cleveland sports teams, working on projects around the house, and traveling with his wife.

Spotlight Questions for Nate:

Rock: What is the favorite aspect of your work?

Nate:  My favorite aspect of my work is being a part of a team that can truly make a difference in a patient’s life. Whether it is an athlete getting surgery to get back to the big game, or even a working mother who needs to get back to her activities of daily living, we are on the front lines consulting and educating to help provide the best care possible. This is a very rewarding experience day in and day out and keeps up my passion and energy for this job.

Rock: How did your educational background in Nursing help you prepare for your career at Arthrex?

Nate: My clinical experiences with Nursing helped me prepare for my career with Arthrex by keeping the patient at the center of everything. Nursing taught me to find ways to provide patient-centered care and I carry this into the OR with me every single case. The nursing process also has helped me prepare as it entails five phases: assessment, diagnosing, planning, implementing, and evaluation. These five phases translate perfectly in this career as we have these very phases in their own way in the OR. The surgeon does the assessment and diagnosing, but we are there working with the surgeon planning the case, implementing pearls and techniques, and constantly evaluating our results through SOS data and follow up.

Rock: What do you like most about working with our surgeon customers?

Nate:  I love how unique each doctor is. Personalities vary as well as how they perform different surgical techniques. This keep me on my toes constantly and it makes things fun. It is vital to pay extreme attention to even the smallest details or preferences our surgeons have. We are constantly looking to WOW them and provide top notch service. It is an exciting challenge finding out what makes our surgeons tick and how we can find ways to help their case go as smooth as possible.

Rock: What advice would you give both our new hires and future recruits who want to make an impact early in their careers?

Nate:  You must put in the time. The clinical expertise comes with countless hours of studying and cases seen. The business skills are learned over much independent work and being around tenured Rock teammates. Dedicating extra hours to these two parts of the pyramid are huge in making an impact early. What new hires and future recruits can bring to the table immediately is a relentless energy, positive attitude, and extreme optimism. They also can always put the surgeon first, and focus on the surgeon’s satisfaction. Keeping this "Surgeon first" mentality will set new hires apart, and help them build successful and lasting relationships with their surgeon customers.


Mid Atlantic Agency of the Year 2017


The Rock Medical team was recently honored in New York City at Arthrex’s annual AATC Awards banquet for being the top agency in the Mid Atlantic Region for  2017.  This marks the third time in six years that Rock has received this distinguished award as a result of great teamwork and our passion for putting surgeons first. 

Additionally, Rock Medical took home the Distal Extremity Mid-Atlantic Region Presidents Award nomination for Distal Extremities (DEX), and our Team Akron took home the Regional Territory of the Year

Our complete list of awards for 2017:

  • 2017 Mid Atlantic Region Agency of the Year
  • 2017 Mid Atlantic Region DEX Presidents Award Nominee
  • 2017 Territory of the Year - Team Akron (Jason Giannini, Nick Wiland, Zack Buzzelli, and Lauren Stevens)

Regional Territory of the Year 2017

Team Akron

Jason Giannini, Nick Wiland, Zack Buzzelli, and Lauren Stevens

Team Akron took home the Regional Territory of the Year award for their outstanding performance in 2017.

Spotlight Background Update

Zack Buzzelli
Distal Extremities Technology Consultant

Rock Medical employee since 2015
Alma Mater:   John Carroll University

“The most enjoyable part of representing Arthrex is providing industry-leading solutions to complex problems.  Our dedication to surgeon education is unmatched, thus we have become key members of our surgeons' tea.  I've always enjoyed competition, and a career with Arhtrex allows me to do that at a high-level every day..... Zack Buzzelli

Rock Medical is proud to recognize Zack Buzzelli as the 2017 recipient of the Presidents Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Since joining our team in January 2015, Zack has lived the Rock Medical mission of providing unparalleled customer experiences to our local surgeons through medical education, technical expertise, integrity, and trust.  His passion for Arthrex and his Rock teammates is on display every single day with his max-effort, competitive spirit.  Zack never settles for “average” at anything, and we are so happy he is a part of our team!

Congratulations Zack!

Spotlight Questions for Zack:

 Rock:  You joined our team just a few months out of college, what advice would you give both our new hires, and future recruits who want to make an impact early in their careers?

Zack:  To make an impact early you must have an incessant appetite for learning and self-improvement. These two attributes, coupled with daily energy, integrity, and a surgeon first attitude are the keys to becoming a valuable member of the Rock team.

Rock:  You were recently awarded Rock Medical’s 2017 President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement.  Which of our Core Values would you say played a part in this recognition?

Zack:  Team. No one is successful without great leadership and a supporting cast. By holding one another accountable we can achieve our goals and exceed expectations.

Rock: What excites you most about the future with Arthrex?

Zack:  Knowing that I will always represent the most innovative, surgeon-designed, patient-focused products on the market. The combination of best in class orthopedic implants and cutting edge orthobiologics will allow me to remain an invaluable asset to our surgeon partners as they strive to treat their patients better.

Lauren Spot 3

Lauren Stevens
Medical Education Specialist

Rock Medical employee since 2015
Alma Mater:  The University of Akron

“I love meeting new people and getting to know their history.  I am genuinely interested in what people have to say and seeing things from their perspective. There is always something new to learn from other people, you just have to be willing to listen!  .....… Lauren Stevens

After beginning her professional career as a Certified Athletic Trainer specializing in orthopedic injuries and concussions, Lauren took her clinical and customer service skills to the next level by joining the Arthrex/Rock Medical team in November of 2015.  We are so happy she did!

With her passion for helping others learn, Lauren possesses unique skills that will provide benefits to both our surgeon customers and our Rock Medical team members in her new role as Medical Education Specialist.   Lauren has an energetic, positive attitude, and has a genuine interest in working with others.

In her new role, Lauren will focus her attention on helping surgeons treat their patients better by providing customized surgical training programs for area physicians, fellows, residents, and staff utilizing our state-of-the-art lab facilities in Hudson, OH, and Naples, FL.

Lauren's interests include spending time with family, running (for both exercise and competitively), practicing yoga, riding bicycles, and going for hikes.  She is passionate about working with her church and close family friends who are missionaries to help in any way possible. She and her husband, Josh participate in the “Adopt a Family” event sponsored by children’s services every year at Christmas for children in need.

 Spotlight Questions for Lauren:

Rock:   How did your background in Athletic Training help you prepare for your career at Arthrex?

Lauren:  Working as an athletic trainer for several years before joining Rock Medicals team helped me to understand the mechanism of injury to require surgery and the surgeons desired outcomes of these surgeries.  I saw these procedures post-operatively so I knew what it took to rehabilitate them and had a pretty good understanding of how the surgery was performed.

Rock:   What do you like most about working with our surgeon customers? 

Lauren:  Our surgeons look at us at technology consultants/ specialists, not as sale representatives.  They trust us, and our knowledge on the products; therefore, we are able to work together to achieve one common goal.

Rock:   As the new Medical Education Specialist for Rock Medical, what do you hope to accomplish? 

Lauren:   This new position will not only allow me to interact with surgeons from all over Northeast Ohio but will allow me to be able to spread the passion I feel for this company.  I hope to not only better educate the new hires, but to encourage everyone at Rock Medical to look at the procedures from a clinical perspective.  I plan to merge Arthrex education program with my personal experience from working as an athletic training and working in the field as a sales representative.


Matt Schneider
Product Manager - Arthroplasty

Rock Medical employee since 2007
Alma Mater:  The Ohio State University

The experience representing Arthrex, and the resources they provide have allowed me to be a consultant for my surgeons and a valuable member of their teams.  I am dedicated to helping our surgeons and staff treat their patients with the highest level of care.  I am proud to be a part of the evolution of the Arthrex brand.  I absolutely love being a piece of the Rock team all working toward one goal….  Matt Schneider.

Matt is an avid sports fan that loves spending time with his family; playing golf, joining a quick pick-up basketball game, skiing, cycling and cheering on all the great Ohio sports teams.  He enjoys coaching and playing sports with his kids, while also attending sporting events, concerts and doing improvement projects.

Matt has been a key player here at Rock Medical for over 10 years.  His work ethic and dedication to serving our surgeon customers are unparalleled.  Matt leads by example and is always there for his teammates – representing the true spirit of the Rock Medical Team.

Spotlight Questions for Matt:

Rock: What is the favorite aspect of your work?

Matt:  I am proud to be a part of the evolution of the Arthrex brand and the exceptional growth we have experienced. I was always a part of sports teams from the time I was five years old and all the way into college. This made the transition into the Rock Medical an easy one for me. I absolutely love being a piece of the Rock team all working toward one goal. We all have may have a unique focus and our own daily priorities, but to see all of that blend together toward one common goal makes what I do a truly rewarding career.

Rock:  What does it take to be a successful Arthrex Technology Consultant?

Matt:  At Rock Medical things are changing constantly! This is one of the most exciting aspects of what we do. Along with our team, I have learned how to be adaptable, to think quickly, work efficiently to solve problems and manage time wisely. It is fun to know that tomorrow will be different from today and today was not the same as yesterday.

Rock:  In your ten years, what one Arthrex product or procedure has made the biggest difference to your surgeon’s practice?

Matt:  Superior Capsular Reconstruction is a procedure that has made the biggest difference to our surgeon’s practice. It has been incredible to see Arthrex help find a solution to a major problem allowing our surgeons to help treat their patients better.

Matt enjoying some family time at Arthrex in Naples, Florida