Steve Goske

Trauma Product Manager

Rock Medical Employee Since 2021 | Alma Mater: Saint Louis University, Case Western Reserve University

In each trauma case that we are in, a patient comes into that operating room in a “broken” state...  That could be a broken ankle, wrist, hip, etc. A patient comes into the OR with a fracture, and when that patient leaves, they are put back together. The opportunity for us, to assist that surgeon, to help that patient in one of their most traumatic life occurrences is amazing. How many jobs out there allow you to help fix someone’s mother, father, or loved one? ... Steve Goske

     In 2021, Arthrex acquired a start-up out, Advanced Orthopedic Solutions (AOS). Arthrex has been steadily rolling out some of these new products from AOS – which is so exciting! By the time this rollout is complete, we will have a robust trauma offering. Arthrex has had trauma plates (distal radius, ankle fracture, etc.), but now with this acquisition, we are getting into the long bone IM Nail market. Currently, we offer a Trochanteric Nail, Tibial Nail, Humeral Nail, Antegrade/Retrograde Femoral Nail – as well as some great new ancillary trauma products, like a new Proximal Humeral Plate and Small Bone Ex-Fix.

     Let me tell you a little about some of the products I’m most excited about.

     Our Trochanteric Nail System is truly exciting, and we’ve got some patented technology that competitors would love to have their hands on. We’re the only company to offer a telescoping lag screw! Additionally, we’re the only company to offer an ES Nail, or Extended Short. This is a hybrid design between a short and long nail, that combines the mechanical advantages of a long nail with the ease of installation with a short nail.  

Here's a video of our Trochanteric Nail System!

Another product we’re very excited about is our new ALPHA Proximal Humeral Plating System. Our ALPHA plate has a patented design that allows it to preserve the native deltoid insertion site, which is a fantastic feature to offer.

Here's a video of our Proximal Humeral Plating System!

Spotlight Questions for Steve:

Rock: What do you like most about working with our surgeon-customers?

Steve: At Rock Med, we get to work with some of the smartest people on the planet – our surgeons. The opportunity to learn from them is incredible. I find myself learning new things every week, even after being in thousands of surgeries. Our surgeons are truly doing work that impacts lives on a daily basis – and getting to assist them, is especially rewarding.

For me, getting to be involved with trauma cases and our trauma product line adds something special.

Rock: What do enjoy most about working on a TEAM of sales representatives?

Steve: I’ve only been here a short while, but I am blown away by the reps I get to work with! First, their orthopedic knowledge is top-notch. They are so much fun to work with, and I love getting to interact with all the different personalities. I’ve made so many new friends and people that I absolutely enjoy working with – which makes such a big difference!

Rock: What excites you about the future with Rock Medical/Arthrex?

Steve: Having recently come over to Rock Med/Arthrex from a big competitor, I have some pretty good benchmarks for comparison. I’m extremely bullish about where we are headed because I believe we set to take some market share in other categories of orthopedics where we’ve historically had no presence. First, nobody innovates like Arthrex. We have such a robust pipeline of new products – I’ve never seen anything like it! Since we’re not publicly traded, like most of our competitors, Arthrex can focus dollars on where it matters most, such as Medical Education. None of our competitors can offer and stand behind Med Ed as we can. The second is leadership. Rock Med has some of the best leaders I’ve worked for in my industry tenure, and strong leaders will help guide us towards success. This is an extremely exciting time for Rock Med as we are set to explode with growth.

Rock: What are some of your interests and passions outside of work?

Steve: There is nothing I’m more proud of than my daughters! Being a girl dad is the coolest thing in the world. I never thought I would love watching ballet recitals or Disney princess movies – but here I am. When I’m not picking up Barbie dolls and crayons, I love doing woodworking. I’ve made most of the furniture in our house. My perfect Friday night is a bonfire & s’mores with my girls, music playing & burgers on the grill.

Kalene Stanley

Biologics Product Manager, Southwest District

Rock Medical Employee Since 2019 | Alma Mater: Ashland University

“My surgeons fully trust me when we are faced with a difficult procedure, because they know I have undergone extensive training to be here. This extraordinary trust is the foundation for great relationships that last in and out of the OR... Kalene Stanley

      Kalene has been a game-changer on our team since 2019. She came to us with a wealth of knowledge in the orthopedic device industry and was eager to get to work on learning the Arthrex technology. She has been making an impact in the Canton area since her very first day. She came in as a Sports Medicine Associate, was promoted to a Territory Manager, and now works as our Biologics Product Manager for our Southwest District.

      Kalene is proud to work on a team of highly skilled individuals, similar to her collegiate softball days. She pushes her teammates to be the best and loves to win. Kalene is a valuable resource within our organization and for her surgeon-customers. 

Spotlight Questions for Kalene:

Rock: What do you like most about working on a team of sales representatives?

Kalene: The team is what it's all about. We all have different personalities and backgrounds, and being able to learn from each team member is such a differentiator compared to our competitors. My team constantly provides me support, motivation, and positive reinforcement, especially on challenging days. There is a reason that Rock Medical/Arthrex grows at such a fast pace year-over-year -  the team!

Rock: What excites you about the future with Rock Medical/Arthrex?

Kalene: The growth! Every day we are fortunate to help our surgeons by allowing them opportunities to grow their skills - Naples educational courses, innovative technology, and local skills labs. Surgeons recognize the superior technology that we offer. Rock Medical/Arthrex is always growing and advancing because that's what our surgeons are doing.

Rock: What advice would you give to new hires who want to make an impact at Rock Medical?

Kalene: Be a sponge. Every team member has different strengths and strategies for success. It's great to have so many people to learn from. Work diligently to master techniques that will help our surgeons and pay close attention to your surgeon customers' specific techniques. You must give 110% effort in order to succeed.

Rock: What are some of your interests and passions outside of work?

Kalene: Being with my family is my favorite way to spend time outside of work. I also love being able to give back to the local community, especially with local softball activities. This past year I have discovered a new passion for triathlons and look forward to more races this upcoming year.

Mike Mangotic

Area Manager, Toledo West

Rock Medical Employee Since 2020 | Alma Mater: University of South Carolina

“Arthrex is the Gold Standard in orthopedic surgery. To be able to provide such innovative technology, while supporting our surgeons every day, is a rewarding experience. We are truly helping our surgeons Treat Their Patients Better every single day. Through hard work and dedication, I have been able to make incredible relationships with my surgeons and teammates... Mike Mangotic

      Mike started his career with Arthrex in 2015 as a Sports Medicine Representative. In October 2020, he officially joined the Rock Medical team after we acquired the Northwest Ohio sales area from our Arthrex Agency counterpart. Mike's experience and insights were instrumental in the smooth leadership transition. He served as our Territory Manager for the Toledo West territory for many years, and he was recently moved into an Area Manager role still overseeing the Toledo West geography.

      Mike has been an incredible mentor for our new hires in Toledo. He continues to lead by example in the operating room and be a resource for the team. His passion for providing top-notch service to our surgeon-customers does not go unnoticed. He is the ultimate team player and truly embodies what it means to be an Arthrex Consultant.

Spotlight Questions for Mike:

Rock: What do you like most about working on a team of sales representatives?

Mike: Without a doubt, it's the team philosophy. I loved having a key role and being able to contribute to my soccer team at the collegiate level. This job has allowed me to have those same opportunities in my career. It makes coming to work every day fun and exciting. The bar has been set high for us in this job, and it's great to have teammates that I can rely on. I could not do my job effectively without each of my teammate's trust and support.

Rock: What excites you about the future with Rock Medical/Arthrex?

Mike: The continuous flow of new and innovative products paired with the opportunities to educate surgeons on the latest and greatest we have to offer is extremely exciting. I am proud to represent the best orthopedic technology out there. It is exciting to deliver solutions to our surgeons that no one else can. Rock Medical, specifically, provides us representatives with the right tools and support to feel confident in any operating room. Plus, everyone at Rock, new and tenured teammates, is what really sets us apart and pushes me to be a better consultant every day.

Rock: What advice would you give to new hires who want to make an impact at Rock Medical?

Mike: Be ready to be challenged, invest in yourself, and learn every day. It may seem foreign at first, but be patient and eager to better yourself each day. Strive to always exceed expectations. When you are with your peers in the field, don't be afraid to ask questions and learn what you can do to be a better teammate. Also, pay attention and take note of each team member's approach with our surgeon-customers. Our customers are unique and you can learn a lot initially through observation.

Rock: What are some of your interests and passions outside of work?

Mike: My family, friends, and pup are important to me. I enjoy spending time outdoors, being active, and doing anything competitive. Over the years, golf has become a big passion of mine as well. I like traveling throughout the US playing new courses and exploring new scenery.

Matt Johnson

Clinical Specialist, Arthroplasty

Rock Medical Employee Since 2019 | Alma Mater: Ohio University, Boston University

“Both Rock Medical and Arthrex desire to be the best. It's all about growth here in so many aspects... growth in products available & innovation, growth in team size & business, and growth in education & training. No one in this organization is complacent... Matt Johnson

      Matt has been an asset on our team since his very first day in 2019. He currently works as a Clinical Specialist focused on Shoulder Arthroplasty. He spent the first 18 years of his career with the Chicago Cubs Organization, 8 years at the Major League level and 10 years at the Minor League level. Most notably, he served as an Athletic Trainer on the 2016 World Series Championship Team. 

      Matt has so much passion for our surgeons, his teammates, and our products. This was proven when he placed 1st out of 50+ other sales representatives from across the country during his five-day Initial On-Site Training at the Arthrex World Headquarters in Naples, FL. We are thankful for Matt's positive energy and his dedication to being the ultimate team player.

Matt demonstrating the Knotless SwiveLock at the Arthrex World Headquarters in Naples, FL.

Spotlight Questions for Matt:

Rock: How did your Athletic Training experience prepare you for your role at Rock Medical?

Matt: There are several parallels between this role and my previous experience. First, my formal education (anatomy, physiology, understanding of rehabilitation) helped me to be comfortable out of the gate. It really helped me prepare for the intense medical education training program. Second, I was on a patient-centered sports medicine team prior to this, which is very similar to my current role on this patient-centered sales team. Lastly, I came from a championship-winning team. Rock Medical's success and big wins (Agency of the Year, Top Workplace Awards, etc.) initially drew me to apply. I like to win and so does everyone else here. 

Rock: What do you like most about working on a team of sales representatives?

Matt: It's so cool how anyone can be taught to do this job if they are passionate and eager to learn. Everyone on this team comes from different educational backgrounds and various professional experiences. I learn from all of my teammates every day. It doesn't matter if they are my peers or sales leaders. We all lean on each other for support and prepare for each case with one another. It's clear everyone is passionate about what we do and wants to see each other succeed.

Rock: What do you like most about working with our surgeon-customers?

Matt: I enjoy building relationships and earning their trust every day. We have the opportunity to work with incredible surgeons who come from all different backgrounds and experiences. It's amazing to get to learn from them and be a resource for them in the operating room.

Rock: What advice would you give to new hires who want to make an impact at Rock Medical?

Matt: Be ready to learn, be ready to ask questions, and be patient. This is a unique industry. It can be very overwhelming at first because of all the new (and exciting) information. It's really helpful to check in with your teammates and sales leaders throughout the early stages of learning. It's truly amazing to see how much you can learn so quickly. Everyone at Rock wants to see you succeed and grow, especially in the challenging training phase.

Rock: What are some of your interests and passions outside of work?

Matt: I enjoy hanging out with my family (wife, three kids, and dog), especially at their school and sporting events. I spent the first few years of my kids' lives on the road working for the Chicago Cubs, so it's incredible to be able to get to all of their activities and hang at the pool with them in the summer. I also like to travel and try new restaurants.

Dave DiCato

Director of Business Development

Rock Medical Employee Since 2011 | Alma Mater: Kent State University

best medical sales recruiters cleveland and northeast ohio

Ten years ago, our product portfolio was roughly 200 products, and only a handful of those were specific to Distal Extremities (DEX). Today, Arthrex represents over 13,000 products with over  4,000 of those being DEX-specific. DEX and Trauma continue to lead the way in innovation and surgical volume as we see better treatment options for limb deformity and sports injuries. In many ways, it feels like we are just getting started, and that, to me, is most exciting!... Dave DiCato

     Dave has been in a few leadership roles during his tenure with Rock Medical. He originally started as a Team Lead on our CLE East Sales Team. Then, he transitioned to be the Rock.North District Manager where he helped support both of our Cleveland markets, East and West. He was promoted to be Director of Extremities where he managed our Foot & Ankle, Hand & Wrist, and Trauma platforms for the entire organization. This role is unique and exciting as our Distal Extremities business is growing exponentially, especially with the addition of a Trauma portfolio. There is a constant flow of new and innovative products from Arthrex. Currently, Dave serves as our Director of Business Development. 

     No matter the role, Dave always exemplifies our Rock values with his over-the-top surgeon focus, clinical expertise, selfless teamwork, and optimistic energy. 

Spotlight Questions for Dave:

Rock: What is your favorite aspect of work?

Dave: How developmental Arthrex and Rock have been, and continue to be. I started with Rock Medical over 10 years ago and have been fortunate to have moved into a variety of roles that have challenged me in many ways. Along each step of the way, I had continuing education opportunities and a support system.

Additionally, at every level, this career awards those who genuinely care with the ability to provide a unique impact on a patient's biggest day. That Is something that I never take for granted. We truly are guests in the operating room, and it's a privilege to serve our customers in their homes.

Rock: What do you like most about working with our surgeon-customers?

Dave: The lifelong friendships that have been forged on trust and respect. Each day in the operating room is a chance to build on that trust by bringing something new and valuable to each procedure or conversation. When a surgeon provides follow-up after a case, to me, that is the ultimate compliment that you helped make an impact on not only the patient but the surgeon's practice as well. 

Rock: What does it take to be a successful leader at Rock?

Dave: Appreciation and drive. We couldn't be where we are today without a committed team from Agency Owner to our newest hires. Every individual at Rock is dedicated to their craft and team to provide the best outcomes. Knowing that each day keeps me motivated to perform at the highest level.

I'm really proud of our team and our growth over the years! 

Rock: As a leader at Rock, you are often involved in our interview and hiring process. What qualities are most important to you when searching for talent?

Dave: For me, a candidate with a genuine appreciation and interest in Arthrex stands out. We are looking for people that know they want to work for us/Arthrex. These candidates typically radiate with excitement. It's the type of energy we know our customers and other team members will appreciate.

Rock: What are some of your interests and passions outside of work?

Dave: Cleveland Sports and golf have been a life-long passion. However, you'd most likely find my wife, our two boys, and me hiking in one of Cleveland's Metroparks or attending a family event. Soon enough, we'll find out way back on the golf course as a four-some. 

                     The DiCato Boys

Natalie Bowling

Director of Sales, Southwest District (Akron/Canton/Toledo)

Rock Medical Employee Since 2019 | Alma Mater: The Ohio State University

Problem-solving is my favorite aspect of work! In the world of orthopedic surgery, we are constantly looking for ways to help our surgeons treat their patients better. There cannot always be a one size fits all mentality. Fortunately, Arthrex arms us with a full bag of tools to share with our surgeons that allows us to find the best solution for their patient’s individual needs. I love digging into my bag with a new product or procedure to share that gets our surgeons excited... Natalie Bowling

     Natalie joined our team in 2019 as a Distal Extremities Associate. In this role, she proved to be an asset to her teammates and in the operating room. She has been dedicated to making connections with team members and surgeons since her very first day. 

Natalie assisting one of our surgeons during a foot & ankle educational lab at our Hudson office.

     Natalie has accomplished a lot in her tenure at Rock Medical as she has recently transitioned to be our Orthobiologics Product Manager. Her leadership experience from previous sales roles, coupled with her time in Distal Extremities at Rock, offers her a wealth of experience directly in line with the needs of the Arthrex Orthobiologics category of products. Her passion for Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better will be instrumental in the development of this product category.

Spotlight Questions for Natalie:

Rock: What excites you most about the future with Arthrex?

Natalie: Clearly, I am biased, but Biologics! We have an amazing opportunity to enhance healing potential and improve patient outcomes by incorporating Biologics into patient care. We have products that can remodel bone, eliminate pain without antibiotics, and decrease infection rates. Our portfolio with Arthrex is best-in-class and is so exciting to talk about. It’s the wave of the future, and I love that I’m a part of it.

Rock: What do you like most about working with our surgeon-customers?

Natalie: Being a part of their team. Arthrex and Rock Medical dedicate a ton of time to making us experts in our field. They help us to stand out above our competition, and this is appreciated by our surgeons. They have unique needs but know they can depend on us to help them through tough cases. It’s very satisfying to feel like an asset in their OR!

Rock: What advice would you give to new hires who want to make an impact at Rock Medical?

Natalie: Invest in yourself and be a good teammate. Arthrex prides itself on medical education – it’s what makes us different. You have to put in the work to learn the products and procedures so that you can be valuable in the OR. It takes time, and there is a learning curve, but it’s extremely important when you’re trying to build relationships. Secondly, and just as important, is having a team mentality. Communication, working together, and being willing to check in with your team before heading home for the day goes a long way. There is a ton of work to be done each day with setups, moving trays, and preparing for cases. By spreading the workload and sharing responsibilities with your team, you will help earn their respect and you’ll learn a lot in the process.

Rock: What are some of your interests and passions outside of work?

Natalie: I’m very athletic and love the outdoors so I try to tie the two together as often as possible. Softball and baseball are a passion of mine, which I’m now introducing to my 3-year-old daughter. My husband and I love spending time with her and teaching her about things we enjoy whether it’s on the water, at our farm, or somewhere new. She makes life exciting, and keeps us on our toes! I also enjoy baking, reading, and cheering on my Ohio State Buckeyes.

Gene Mruczkowski

Director of Sales, Cleveland District

Rock Medical Employee Since 2010 | Alma Mater: Purdue University

Not only are Orthopedic Surgeons some of the most skilled and brightest minds out there, but also some of the nicest, wittiest, and engaging people you could possibly want to work alongside. Because of these relationships, I relish the opportunity to play a small role in their successful treatment of patients and feel obligated to exceed their expectations every single opportunity I get… Gene Mruczkowski

     Gene has been a key member of the Rock Medical team for the last 10 years. His work ethic and leadership skills are truly unmatched by anyone else in the industry. He has devoted his time at Rock to becoming an expert on our cutting-edge products, challenging surgical procedures, and first-class customer service. In return, his unparalleled customer focus has allowed him to become a trusted advisor to all of his surgeon-customers.

     After graduating from Purdue University, Gene played in the National Football League for several years. He has worked hard to achieve success in his football career and Rock Medical career... 2x Academic All-American at Purdue, 2x Super Bowl Champion with the New England Patriots, and Team Leader for the Arthrex Agency of the Year. Gene is a vital member of our team and we are grateful for his loyalty to Rock Medical.

Spotlight Questions for Gene:

Rock: How has your professional football background prepared you for this role?

Gene: I was extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to play in the NFL, particularly for the New England Patriots. This privilege couldn't have prepared me better for a career in the orthopedic sales industry. Looking back, there were so many parallels in my playing career and my Rock Medical career... The NFL is the pinnacle of athletic achievement, and Arthrex is the pinnacle of the orthopedic world. Similarly, the New England Patriots are widely considered a model NFL franchise, and Rock Medical is one of the finest Arthrex Agencies. The Patriots have won numerous Super Bowl Championships and Rock is the reigning champions among other agencies. Lastly, both organizations have unbelievable team chemistry, work ethic, and leadership. One reason I love football so much is that, more so than any other sport, you need all 11 teammates working in unison to be successful. No one person can win or lose a football game, and that is exactly the case at Rock Medical.

Rock: What does it take to be a successful leader at Rock Medical?

Gene: Rock is known for promoting team members that work hard to build trust and relationships with customers and other team members. First, you must work tirelessly at the beginning of your career to learn as much as you possibly can about anatomy, procedures, products, the surgeons you work with, and the industry as a whole. After you start to master these areas, you can then begin to flourish as a leader because you have built a strong reputation with your surgeons and peers, and you have the confidence needed to be an asset in the operating room.

Rock: As a team leader at Rock, you often conduct interviews for new team members. What qualities are most important to you when searching for talent?

Gene: The first quality I look for is an extremely strong desire to work in the orthopedic sales industry. You have to be passionate about your career because of the demands of this job. Next, I look for the ability and genuine interest in working in a team atmosphere. It's impossible to be successful at Rock if you are a 'me' person. Finally, you must be humble. As an orthopedic sales representative, you are a visitor in the surgeon's home (the OR). Our customers want someone they can have a quality conversation with and enjoy having around.

Rock: What advice would you give to new hires who want to make an impact at Rock Medical?

Gene: The best advice I can give to a new hire is to work hard every single day to make yourself a better representative. You must learn to do things not just for the betterment of yourself, but also for your teammates. Always ask what more you can do to help... volunteer to help at labs and take some of the workload off of the plates of others. Work to prove yourself every day and it will pay dividends.

Rock: What are some of your interests and passions outside of work?

Gene: Football remains a passion of mine. I am no longer able to play, but I take the opportunity to give back by coaching my son's youth football team. I truly enjoy passing along not only the knowledge I have gained about technique, scheme, and plays, but also life skills such as having a strong work ethic, being a great teammate, accepting responsibility, and understanding how to win and lose the right way.

My two kids (13 & 10) both play a variety of sports and I love watching their games. When I'm not spending time with my family, I enjoy watching whatever the new hot Netflix series may be. The Office is my all-time favorite. I can watch that over and over and I still laugh every time!

Daniela Damschroder
Extremities & Trauma Sales Representative, Cleveland East

Rock Medical Employee Since 2019 | Alma Mater: Kent State University, West Virginia University

Knowing that I play an important role in providing the best care to our surgeons’ patients is what makes me passionate about my job… Daniela McHugh-Carias

     Daniela joined our team this past year after earning her Master’s degree in Athletic Training from West Virginia University. She serves as a Clinical Specialist on our Cleveland East Team, and she is very passionate about exceeding the expectations of our surgeon customers. Most recently, in 2022, Daniela transitioned to be a Distal Extremities Representative.

     Daniela recently achieved an incredible milestone in her career at Rock Medical! We are extremely proud to announce that Daniela placed 1st out of 62 other Arthrex representatives at her new hire training at the Arthrex Headquarters in Naples, Florida! Daniela worked extremely hard to prepare for this challenging, five-day training. Daniela’s positive energy and motivation to learn are two factors that have allowed her to find success at Rock Medical so early on.

Spotlight Questions for Daniela:

Rock: Can you give us some insights on how you prepared for your new hire training in Naples? What resources were most helpful to you? What was that experience like for you?

Daniela: My preparation for my Initial On-site Training (IOT) began within the first month of working for Rock Medical. I knew the importance of this training and wanted to get the most out of the experience. Leading up to IOT, I reached out to other members of the Rock team for advice on how to best prepare.

My experience at IOT was incredible! I had the opportunity to stay in the new Innovation Hotel, meet other Technology Consultants from all over the country, and learn from all of the brilliant people at Arthrex.

Performing well at IOT involves a great deal of studying and preparation prior to and during the first several months of training. Put the work in, utilize all of the resources that Rock and Arthrex have to offer, and it will definitely pay off! 

Rock: What is your favorite aspect of work?

Daniela: My favorite aspect of my job as a Clinical Specialist is working with our surgeons, the surgical staff, and my co-workers every day. Supporting the surgical team in the operating room allows me to directly help our surgeons treat their patients better.

Rock: What do you like most about working with our surgeon customers?

Daniela: My job gives me the unique opportunity to learn from and support our surgeon customers every day. Working with our surgeons both in the operating room and in our local training lab allows me to learn directly from them so that I can provide individualized support for each surgeon.

Rock: How did your background in Athletic Training help prepare you for your career at Rock Medical/Arthrex?

Daniela: My Athletic Training background provided me with a strong foundation of medical education and experience working with a variety of health care professionals. My knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, and orthopedic injury allows me to understand different surgical procedures and speak with our surgeons on an intellectual level.

Rock: What are some of your interests and passions outside of work?

Daniela: In my free time, I enjoy running and taking my dog for walks in the Metroparks and spending time with my friends and family. Outside of work my interests include food, music, and sports so you’ll often find me trying a new restaurant, at a concert, or downtown cheering on the Tribe, Cavs, and Browns!

Reed Remington
Area Sales Manager, Cleveland East

Rock Medical Employee Since 2015 | Alma Mater: Lehigh University

“I enjoy being in an operating room and knowing when I enter, I have the opportunity to add great value to the surgeon or staff. Then, when I leave, I know that I helped the surgeon treat their patient better…Reed Remington

     Reed joined Rock Medical shortly after graduating from Lehigh University in 2015, and he has been making an impact ever since. He is extremely passionate about helping our surgeons and always willing to put in the extra time to better serve them. Reed continuously aims to provide consistent, world-class customer service experiences to our customers, and we are very fortunate to have him on our team!

Spotlight Questions for Reed:

Rock: What do you like most about working with our surgeon customers?

Reed: What is awesome about my job is that, in many cases, our surgeons see us as trusted consultants. Over the years, many of those great working relationships can develop into great friendships as well.

Rock: What does it take to be a successful technology consultant at Rock Medical?

Reed: To be a successful Technology Consultant, it requires working hard behind the scenes. What I mean by that is… Study every case on the schedule like you are covering it solo. Look for new opportunities with current and new customers. Stay current on the latest procedures and be ready to offer new technology. Read the latest literature to help add value to our surgeon customers.

Rock: What advice would you give both to new hires and future recruits who want to make an impact at Rock Medical?

Reed: Be team-oriented and flexible. It is important to be able to help fill-in wherever and whenever for your teammates.

Focus on the little details of our procedures and day-to-day responsibilities. Our jobs are so detail-oriented. It is important, inside and outside of the OR, to know those details so we can help provide the best service to our customers.

Ask questions. As a new hire or recruit you are not expected to know everything that goes into the business or every procedure. Asking questions helps you gain a deeper understanding of our products and business. It also helps you build a deeper relationship and understanding of our customers.

Rock: Tell us some of your interests outside of work.

Reed: I enjoy mountain biking on the weekends during the summer and fall, and skiing during the winter months! I am an avid sports fan, especially when it comes to football and baseball (Roll Tribe!) I am also very passionate about a charity I work with every year called the Meadows Turkey Bowl. Every player raises money annually for families in-need here in Northeast Ohio who are affected by cancer. Last year, 2018, we raised $318,000 for the St. Vincent de Paul Society and the families that were selected. Then, on Thanksgiving Day, we play a round-robin football tournament.

Reed and his fiancé, Kellie, after the 2019 Meadows Turkey Bowl.

Grant Thomas
Area Sales Manager, Cleveland West

Rock Medical Employee Since 2013 | Alma Mater: The Ohio State University

“What I like most about working with our surgeon customers is the consultative relationship we have with one another.  As Arthrex relentlessly creates and modifies new products and techniques to address orthopedic surgery’s most difficult problems, it allows us as technology consultants to continually work with our surgeon customers to help keep them on the cutting edge…Grant Thomas

     Grant joined our team in 2013 as an Associate Sales Representative. He brought energy and passion for the industry with him. In 2018, he moved into his current Territory Manager role on Team West where he supports our Sports Medicine business. In 2022, he was promoted to West Cleveland Area Sales Manager.

     This past month, Grant and his teammates received the Team Award for their sensational performance during the previous fiscal year. This annual award is given to the top-performing region that has demonstrated exceptional teamwork and exceeded its goals.

Team West showcasing their Team Award presented to them at this year's Sales Kick-off Meeting.

Spotlight Questions for Grant:

Rock: What is your favorite aspect of work?

Grant: My favorite aspect of work is the moments in the Operating Room where I am able to provide the surgeon I am working with a suggestion or solution that helps him or her treat their patients better. Thanks to the extensive training and education Arthrex provides, I can walk into the OR with the confidence to be a resource for both the nursing staff and surgeon.  These are the moments that drive me to continue to be better each day.

Rock: What does it take to be a successful technology consultant at Rock Medical?

Grant: There is a lot that goes into being a successful Technology Consultant at Rock Medical, as it is much different than just being a sales representative. It takes countless hours to gain the essential knowledge and understanding of hundreds of different surgical procedures. It also takes the ability to have an in-depth comprehension of the orthopedic device and surgical space. Furthermore, it takes the ability to utilize that knowledge in order to engage in meaningful conversations with health care professionals.

Rock: What advice would you give both to new hires and future recruits who want to make an impact at Rock Medical?

Grant: The advice I would give is to be eager to learn new products and concepts, be passionate about growing your knowledge, welcome challenges and develop creative ways to overcome them, and always strive to exceed our customer and patient expectations. We are fortunate enough to be part of a company that is constantly innovating and it is important to be open to developing both personally and professionally alongside it.

Rock: Tell us some of your interests outside of work.

Grant: Outside of work I enjoy working out and spending time outside running and biking (the 2 months that Northeast Ohio permits it). I enjoy exploring Cleveland’s first-class food scene and cheering on the Browns, Indians, and Cavaliers. I also love to travel and learn about different parts of the world.

Kevin Gough
Director of Operations

Rock Medical Employee Since 2012 | Alma Mater: Kent State University

“When thinking about the future of Rock Medical, I get most excited about the people. As we grow, Rock Medical continues to add the brightest minds to an already experienced, nationally recognized team. Training these bright minds creates an “Iron sharpens iron” kind-of effect, that ultimately leads to exponential growth felt throughout all aspects of our business. That’s exciting to think about! As for the future of Arthrex, I continue to be blown away by the investments made in Medical Education and product innovation; and always look forward to newly developed techniques/training for our surgeons…Kevin Gough

     Kevin joined our team as an Operations Intern in 2012 while attending Kent State University. He opened boxes, stocked shelves, prepared surgical cases, and even cleaned our mobile unit when needed. It wasn’t glamorous, but he always came to work with a high motor, and a unique ability to see patterns quickly. He was a creative problem solver, even as an intern, and we have been lucky to have him on our team ever since.

     Rock Medical has seen a lot of positive changes since 2012, and much of that progress can be attributed to Kevin’s operational leadership. He is the ultimate Team Player, and the more Rock Medical grows, the more Kevin challenges himself and those around him.

Spotlight Questions for Kevin:

Rock: As the head of our business operations department no two days are the same.  What are your top priorities, and how do keep them in balance?

Kevin: From the Operations side of our business, we have three priorities that aid in all decision-making: product availability, service, and efficiency. As our field representatives assist and service our surgeons, the Rock Medical internal team must assist and service our field representatives. In addition to the service aspect, we must also self-audit our processes and examine/identify inefficiencies in our business. Our goal is to be proactive in everything we do, not reactive.

Rock:  What is the favorite aspect of your work?

Kevin:  I love the problem-solving aspect of my job. I truly enjoy uncovering inefficiencies in our business and working to correct them in a way that benefits the business, field staff, and surgeons/facilities. I also love the impactful nature of our business. What surgeons are able to do with their patients is truly remarkable, and the opportunity we have to assist in that process is extremely rewarding.

Rock: Tell us some of your personal background?

Kevin: During my free time, my fiancé and I spend most of our time outside; running, hiking, exploring Cleveland eateries, and going to concerts. I enjoy spending time with my family, and I have two beautiful, toddler nieces that wear us out any time they’re over!

Lauren Stevens

Medical Education Manager

Rock Medical Employee Since 2015 | Alma Mater: The University of Akron

“I love meeting new people and getting to know their history.  I am genuinely interested in what people have to say and seeing things from their perspective. There is always something new to learn from other people, you just have to be willing to listen...Lauren Stevens

     After beginning her professional career as a Certified Athletic Trainer specializing in orthopedic injuries and concussions, Lauren took her clinical and customer service skills to the next level by joining the Arthrex/Rock Medical team in November of 2015.  We are so happy she did!

     With her passion for helping others learn, Lauren possesses unique skills that will provide benefits to both our surgeon customers and our Rock Medical team members in her new role as Medical Education Specialist. Lauren has an energetic, positive attitude, and has a genuine interest in working with others.

     In her new role, Lauren will focus her attention on helping surgeons treat their patients better by providing customized surgical training programs for area physicians, fellows, residents, and staff utilizing our state-of-the-art lab facilities in Hudson, OH and Naples, FL.

     Lauren's interests include spending time with family, running (for both exercise and competitively), practicing yoga, riding bicycles, and going for hikes.  She is passionate about working with her church and close family friends who are missionaries to help in any way possible. She and her husband, Josh, participate in the “Adopt-a-Family” event sponsored by children’s services every year at Christmas for children in need.

 Spotlight Questions for Lauren:

Rock: How did your background in Athletic Training help you prepare for your career at Arthrex?

Lauren: Working as an athletic trainer for several years before joining the Rock Medical team helped me to understand the mechanism of injury to require surgery and the surgeons desired outcomes of these surgeries.  I saw these procedures post-operatively so I knew what it took to rehabilitate them and had a pretty good understanding of how the surgery was performed.

Rock: What do you like most about working with our surgeon customers? 

Lauren: Our surgeons look at us at technology consultants/ specialists, not as sales representatives.  They trust us, and our knowledge of the products; therefore, we are able to work together to achieve one common goal.

Rock: As the new Medical Education Specialist for Rock Medical, what do you hope to accomplish? 

Lauren: This new position will not only allow me to interact with surgeons from all over Northeast Ohio but will allow me to be able to spread the passion I feel for this company.  I hope to not only better educate the new hires, but to encourage everyone at Rock Medical to look at the procedures from a clinical perspective.  I plan to merge the Arthrex education program with my personal experience from working as an athletic trainer and working in the field as a sales representative.

Matt Schneider

Product Manager, Arthroplasty

Rock Medical Employee Since 2007 | Alma Mater: The Ohio State University

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“The experience representing Arthrex, and the resources they provide have allowed me to be a consultant for my surgeons and a valuable member of their teams.  I am dedicated to helping our surgeons and staff treat their patients with the highest level of care.  I am proud to be a part of the evolution of the Arthrex brand.  I absolutely love being a piece of the Rock team all working toward one goal…Matt Schneider

     Matt is an avid sports fan that loves spending time with his family; playing golf, joining a quick pick-up basketball game, skiing, cycling, and cheering on all the great Ohio sports teams.  He enjoys coaching and playing sports with his kids, while also attending sporting events, concerts, and doing improvement projects.

     Matt has been a key player here at Rock Medical for over 10 years.  His work ethic and dedication to serving our surgeon customers are unparalleled.  Matt leads by example and is always there for his teammates – representing the true spirit of the Rock Medical Team.

Spotlight Questions for Matt:

Rock: What is the favorite aspect of your work?

Matt:  I am proud to be a part of the evolution of the Arthrex brand and the exceptional growth we have experienced. I was always a part of sports teams from the time I was five years old and all the way into college. This made the transition into the Rock Medical an easy one for me. I absolutely love being a piece of the Rock team all working toward one goal. We all have may have a unique focus and our own daily priorities, but to see all of that blend together toward one common goal makes what I do a truly rewarding career.

Rock:  What does it take to be a successful Arthrex Technology Consultant?

Matt:  At Rock Medical things are changing constantly! This is one of the most exciting aspects of what we do. Along with our team, I have learned how to be adaptable, to think quickly, work efficiently to solve problems, and manage time wisely. It is fun to know that tomorrow will be different from today and today was not the same as yesterday.

Rock:  In your 10 years, what one Arthrex product or procedure has made the biggest difference to your surgeon’s practice?

Matt: Superior Capsular Reconstruction is a procedure that has made the biggest difference to our surgeon’s practice. It has been incredible to see Arthrex help find a solution to a major problem allowing our surgeons to help treat their patients better.

Matt and his kids at Arthrex in Naples, Florida.