Becoming a Certified Arthrex Technology Consultant

World Class Training

As the world leader in less-invasive orthopedic surgery, Arthrex believes that it is our responsibility to provide the most sophisticated medical device sales training programs in the industry. As a newly hired sales associate, you follow a detailed, 18-month development plan that enables you to master more than 100 different surgical procedures while building trust with our surgeon customers.

Your journey begins with an intensive three-month orientation program focusing on anatomy, pathology, and Arthrex’s proprietary product offerings. During the first three months, you will spend time in our office, local lab, and in the field. Then, you graduate to the operating room where our Senior Technology Consultants will mentor you to assist surgeons and staff in the use of our products.

Our training program is intense, competitive, and challenging, but provides the framework for a rewarding career with unlimited possibilities. After 18 months, you will have covered hundreds of study hours, dozens of assessment tests, multiple surgeon education labs, and over 1,000 surgeries.