2020 Top Workplace Award

We are excited to share that Rock Medical has been awarded a Top Workplaces 2020 honor by The Plain Dealer! The award is based solely on employee feedback gathered through a third-party survey administered by employee engagement technology partner Energage, LLC. The anonymous poll uniquely measures 15 drivers of engaged cultures that are critical to the success of any organization: including alignment, execution, and connection, just to name a few.

Below are some highlights from our survey. All responses come directly from our team.

What impresses you most about the values of Rock Medical?

All of Rock’s employees genuinely believe in helping their surgeons treat their patients better. Our work is never about money, and always what is best for the surgeon and the patient outcome. It makes us valuable in the room. It makes us respected in the room. It is the core of our agency, and it’s displayed every day.

What contributes most to you wanting to stay with Rock Medical?

The people I work with. My team is great and I genuinely feel that they want me to do well as a representative.

What do you like about the direction Rock Medical is going?

Rock has not stopped growing and succeeding since I began working here and the potential for further growth is incredible. I am very excited to be a part of Rock and the bright future the company has.

I love my job because…

    • It pushes me out of my comfort zone and asks me to be a forward thinker. I get the pleasure of working with a variety of intelligent and creative Rock team members and surgeons.
    • I work for a great company, I have great teammates, I sell great products, and hard work is rewarded.
    • I get to work with and help surgeons while also having a schedule that allows a great work/personal life balance.
    • I get to work side by side with fantastic surgeons each day and my team consistently works hard to meet our mission of helping those surgeons treat their patients better.
    • Our products are used to help treat professional athletes, members of our community and even our own loved ones, and behind the scenes, our team makes it all happen. It’s hard to imagine a career more challenging or gratifying!

You can view the full list of winners and our Top Workplace profile here.

Thank you again to our employees for making Rock Medical a great place to work!

Virtual Medical Education Events

Arthrex has temporarily substituted cadaveric surgical skills wet lab education with live virtual medical education presentations in which state-of-the-art digital media technology remotely delivers the most up-to-date information on less invasive orthopedic surgery and orthobiologics to surgeons around the world.

Click here to view the schedule for Arthrex virtual events.

Additional digital educational opportunities can now be experienced at two websites, the new Orthopedia.com and Arthrex.com where the latest educational content can be accessed at your convenience.

Arthrex Manufactures and Donates Personal Protective Equipment for Health Care Workers

Arthrex is demonstrating its core value of Making People Better through the manufacturing and donation of personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care workers taking care of patients with the COVID-19 virus.

Click here to read more.

Top 12 Most-Watched “What’s New” Videos of the Year

Rock Medical Named 2019 Arthrex Agency of the Year

From Arthrex Communications (9/24/19):

Congratulations to Cleveland, Ohio-based Rock Medical, which was named the 2019 Arthrex Agency of the Year at the Academy of Arthrex Technology Consultants (AATC) Awards Celebration event at the Gaylord Rockies Resort.

“This means the world,” said Agency Principal Tom Ramsay. “This is our 19th year and we have just had a fabulous year. I’m just in awe.”

Rock Medical was one of eight agencies nominated for the Agency of the Year award. Other regional nominees were: Crossroads Orthopedics, Gemini Mountain Medical, Gentleman Orthopedics, MVP Orthopedics, Prodigy Surgical, Summit Surgical and Titan Surgical.

Mid-Atlantic Senior Regional Manager Bart Kayser said Rock Medical has a commitment to professionalism and excellence that is unparalleled.

“It’s the personnel out in the field who are important to what we do. They help fulfill the mission of Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better™,” he said. “Tom has sent a clear message to his team, redesigning his office so it feels like Arthrex, focusing on education, and they live it 365 days a year.”

Tom said Arthrex’s mission to help surgeons treat their patients better is what inspires Rock Medical’s team daily.

“Our team puts their teammates before themselves. This group works every single day with each other, to have each other’s backs in an effort to put surgeons at the center of our world.”

As one of the agencies with the most growth in Fiscal Year 2019, Tom said the team had a strategy this year, which included moving into a new office that works to replicate some of the educational experience surgeons receive when they come to Arthrex global headquarters on an agency level.

“We tripled the amount of surgeon visitors to our lab,” he said.

Rock Medical was also one of five agencies that achieved the most growth in Fiscal Year 2019, finishing with 23.3 percent growth. 

We had 18 Rock Medical team members attend this year’s AATC event. The Mid-Atlantic Region Agency of the Year Award is featured in this photo. The dress code at this year’s award ceremony was lumberjack chic.


Chris Gorta Named I&R Manager of the Year

We are excited to share that Chris Gorta was named Mid-Atlantic Region Imaging & Resection Manger of the Year at the Academy of Arthrex Technology Consultants (AATC). The Awards Celebration was at the Gaylord Rockies Resort in Denver on Saturday, Sept. 14.

“It was a great weekend capped off by an unbelievable achievement for myself and Rock Medical! I couldn’t have done it without the entire team!” said Chris.

Chris has been a member of the Rock Medical team since 2012.

Chris (center) is accompanied by Scott Schneider (left), Mid-Atlantic I&R Sales Manger, and Bart Kayser (right), Mid-Atlantic Senior Regional Manager.

InternalBrace™ Ligament Augmentation Making Headlines

Our InternalBrace™ ligament augmentation is making headlines after New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees' thumb UCL surgery. The innovative repair that acts like a seat belt was a topic of conversation between Brees and Los Angeles Angels center fielder, Mike Trout. Click here to read the story on ESPN.

Introduction to the NanoScope™ Arthroscopy System

Asheesh Bedi, MD, (Ann Arbor, MI) introduces the NanoScope™ arthroscopy system and demonstrates its use in knee arthroscopy in this video.

Arthrex Announces FDA Clearance of the Eclipse Total Shoulder Replacement System

NAPLES, FL – August 1, 2019 – Arthrex announces FDA clearance of its Eclipse Total Shoulder Replacement System. The Eclipse system is a novel, less invasive, bone-preserving total shoulder replacement that has been clinically proven in Europe and Canada with more than 20,000 successful implantations over the past 14 years.

The Eclipse system was the first total shoulder implant to replace traditional long stem fixation with short, fenestrated cage screw fixation for bone ingrowth, eliminating the need for bone cement. Its success as a total shoulder replacement has been demonstrated by outstanding long-term clinical results for the treatment of shoulder arthritis.

Click here to read the full article on the Arthrex website.

How Arthrex Helps Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better

In the first video podcast presented by Arthrex, Neal ElAttrache, MD, (Los Angeles, CA) and Arthrex President and Founder, Reinhold Schmieding, discuss the science of orthopedics, from product innovation to the power of patient-reported outcome measures. Learn why they believe the interaction and collaboration between surgeons and Arthrex is the leading force advancing minimally invasive orthopedics. See video podcast here.