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Our Mission

Rock Medical Foundation focuses on the charitable endeavors of Rock Medical families and friends in support of community, education, and athletics.


The first of our seven core values is "Team." As defined in our Culture Guide, one of our Team's fundamental principles is to pay it forward, and expect nothing in return. The goal of the Rock Medical Foundation is to encourage a culture that values community and giving. To promote that culture we would like to assist by supporting charitable contributions and personal development efforts that are related to the work of Rock Medical Orthopedics. Examples of funded projects include student and school lead projects that align with our mission, local teams or individual athletes needing funding, and community-based charities.


Please complete the application using the link below.

Rock Medical Foundation Application


Who is eligible?  Rock Medical employees, their friends, and their families.

How much is funded?  The Foundation will donate up to $1,000 per application upon approval.

What can I expect regarding the application process?  Applicant must fully complete the application. The application must align with the Foundation's mission in order to be considered. Upon receipt of the completed application, the committee will review and award monies within two weeks. The committee will communicate with the applicant via email. Please note: if the application is not fully completed or does not align with the Foundation's mission, the applicant will be notified as to what changes are needed to be made, which, in return, will delay the receipt of monies.

Where do I collect the money?  You may pick up your check at the Rock Medical Office located at 571 Boston Mills Road, Suite 100, Hudson, OH 44236.

What is expected of the applicant after receiving funds?  Once funded, the applicant must extend receipt of monies in some matter. This may be accomplished via a thank you letter, email, picture of the use of funds for website, or sharing of their story at an upcoming Rock Medical meeting.

If I have a question, with whom do I contact?  You may contact Robin Ramsay at